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Sea sponges

Sea sponges are not to be found everywhere but just at particular locations, at depths up to 100m. Sponges found at deeper diving levels are often the best, and that quality is reflected in the final price. Sponges from the Adriatic are known worldwide under the term “silk sponges”, a type of uncompromised beauty, with silky softness, exceptional durability and absorbing power.

size and quality

Sea sponge can be used as cosmetic tools (face and body care), as a souvenir, or as industrial material (sponges have been used as spacecraft insulation and in ancient times as inside padding of Roman body armour) and as medical applications (hemorrhoidal treatment, medical dressing).

Sponge harvesting being often difficult, considering the level of work and time involved as sponges pass through different processes, sponges are usually classified in two basic categories that reflect its final price: size and quality. All our sponges are of exquisite quality with the finest texture and regular round shape.

  • 4cm - face care and souvenir
  • 5cm - face care and souvenir
  • 6cm - face care and souvenir
  • 7cm - face care, tampons, souvenirs
  • 8cm - face and body care, tampons, souvenirs
  • 9cm - face and body care, tampons, souvenirs
  • 10cm - face and body care, xxl tampons, souvenirs, painting
  • 11cm - face and body care, souvenirs, painting
  • 12cm - body care, souvenirs, painting
  • 13cm - body care, souvenirs, painting
  • 14cm - body care, souvenirs, painting
  • 15cm - body care, souvenirs, painting
  • 16cm - body care, souvenirs, painting
  • 18cm+ - souvenirs, trophies, decorating