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Spuga 2 | Morske spužve | Ribarski obrt vl. Roko Tanfara

Sea sponges

Our products are a family treasure and show our dedication to the traditional artisan sponge business

We are the Tanfara family

Our family has been in the sea sponge business since 1896, starting with our great grand father Roko Tanfara. This tradition is being handed down from father to son and has been going on for more than 100 years. Our sea sponge harvesting has seen many happy memories but also sad ones as the practice has also taken many lives. Lives lost have never dampened our dedication and good will and have pushed us year after year to gain more knowledge of the trade.

This is also why we proudly treat every harvested sponge with the love, care and passion it deserves. We make sure the tradition is respected and carried on as it was started 300 years ago on the Island of Krapanj.

„A 100 years old
family tradition“