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Processed sea sponges

Processed sea sponges are cleaned of all microorganisms, crustaceans, corals and small rocks. They are bleached with mild chemicals in order to get 2 final colours: golden yellow and snow. Processed sea sponges are rinsed with a special acid neutralising chemical and washed additionally with sea water. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for adults and children with sensitive skin.

and lifespan

Processed sea sponges can be used for body and face care as a pealing. It can be used for baby care, medical purposes (especially in the treatment of heavy burns), as eco tampons and also in decorating activities (painting, decorating of shop windows ). It is also used for industrial purposes in ceramic production, graphic industries.


Processed sea sponges do not have the lifespan of a semi-processed sea sponge because some of the chemical treatments alter their structures. Depending on its use, a sea sponge can last up to 100 years.